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Member: emilie79
Located: ParisFR
Age: 44
Birthday: Sep 12.

Likes: polaroids, music, art, books, drawing, beaches, the sky, love, cats, black and white photography, people, memories, graffiti, words, diaries, england, video-making, day-dreaming, tea and toast in the morning, staying up late at night, brickwalls, walking around on my own, super 8 films, watching the landscape by trainwindows, london doubledeckers, jacket spuds, british accents, streetnames, fingerless gloves, fireplaces, reminiscing, nicknames, going to the cinema, watching the sun rise, reading my horoscope for fun, endless conversations with friends, and a few pints down the boozer

About Me:
I'm French and I teach English in Paris, whilst completing a PhD in English Linguistics. I also make unpretentious, unprofessional music videos here when I get time. The polaroid world is totally new to me, but it is already an "obspassion"!

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