timide_ch (Villmergen, CH)

She has her own Polart Film, do I have to say more!?

viki_hae (London, GB)

In secret a poladdict!

Felixxx (Hamburg, DE)

DanielMitD (Zuerich, CH)

The better half of his better half! ;-)

alex geng (Stuttgart, DE)

pauleta (Feldkirch, AT)

Mr Pr0n! You should follow him home some day, but it can take a while... :-)

aelstn (Hamburg, DE)

Stands her ground in the middle-west of Germany, but tries to escape from time to time. Sometimes these results are very nice to look at.

kunigunde von seidenfrisch (Konstanz, DE)

motel (Basel, CH)

He took some of my favourite Polas. Simply great!

Borack (Bern, CH)

David_S (Glasgow, GB)

LiA (Wien, AT)

A warm easeful red whirlwind, that makes your thoughts swirl, that makes you feel comfortable and lets you smile at the same time.

clarice (Tokyo, JP)

Mirror mirror on the wall...

365 (Zuerich, CH)

macs (, )

bo.ma (, )

His pictures are part of my travels...

chien_andalusia (Hamburg, DE)

He knows what he's doing. Oh yeah!

Emily (Oslo, NO)


Gwendollynne (Speyer, DE)

silvana (***, )

Besides always enjoying her polas, she also seems to very nice person.

lets_explode (California, US)


Titus (Hamburg, DE)

A little magician.


Met him in Paris! What a man! He's so open minded, friendly and helpful! Wow, it was overwealming.
And his art is one of a kind!
Check it out!

flowkey (Berlin, DE)

great stuff!

McKenzie (-, )

If you want to talk about Polas, he's your man, Mr Diary! :-)

blackmagickman (Charlotte, )

granthamilton (Iowa City, US)

schnu (Hamburg, DE)

lars.blumen (Berlin, DE)

Cut it out!

drewbaker (Los Angeles, US)

If you can't enjoy these polaroids, will you ever enjoy anything else?
(Met him in Paris, great guy!)

felice (Hamburg, DE)

callaveron (Aachen, DE)

g. (Hamburg, DE)

morganx99 (Madrid, ES)

von_bauer (Paris, FR)

Doesn't live in Germany!

Norah.Goldenbogen (, )


nanako (***, )

A gentle breeze for your eyes!

presse_bouton (Paris, FR)


coxinel (., )


LEjovik (Baltimore, US)


Chatou (Paris, FR)

Lazy! ;-)

polkadots (Paris, FR)

Dead but alive!

flukux (Paris 18, FR)


Esther.Z.Schnickenacke (Muenchen, DE)

I'll get her adress as cheap as possible! ;-)

stEVE (Edinburgh, GB)

Met him in Glasgow! If you want to meet somebody uncpmlicated when you're going to Glasgow, just send him a message! :-)

arturo (Sevilla, ES)

Sooo great!
And soooo kind!

ching (Limena (PD), IT)

KrisMorgenlicht (Abahachi, AF)

Too close...

LATELIERp (Stockholm, SE)

Shame on me! ;-(

moss (Rochester, US)

We'll see

Linaki (Paris, FR)


MarthaMyDear (Paris, various arr., FR)

Some day, I'll steal all her cameras! ;-)

keico (Tokyo, JP)

Simply herself!
(And she's crazy about cats!)

myrussiantoy (***, )

Nice tattoo! :-)
Nice adress! ;-)

emilie79 (Paris, FR)

Got introduced to her, but not in person.

By now also in person...

Muratchencko (Cannes, FR)

Met him by accident.
But we were all too relaxed, to tell more about it. ;-)

goanimal (., IT)

lia.leis (Basel, CH)

tweek (Ceska Lipa, CZ)

poutou (Paris, FR)

Professional car-crasher! ;-)

zveliakine (***, FR)

les amis de mes amis sont mes amis

loulou (Paris, FR)

He is

Joycam (Paris, FR)


neguan (Hildesheim, DE)

Wanna-be american! ;-)

snjezana. (Zagreb, HR)

Some day I'll make it (there)...

United_Polanoiders (Paris, FR)

Let's unite!

miamagic (El Paso, US)

Antoine (Marseille, FR)

Lashes (Paris, FR)

olikindi (Paris, FR)

Mr. Barkeeper! :-)

POLA665 (Paris, FR)

The Godfather

Pierre41 (South Pole, AQ)

A secret!? :-)


I wonder when it'll be my turn! ;-)

nasten (Modena, IT)

jEtBoYgrAfiX (South Pole, AQ)

svoh (Clichy, FR)


hektor (Paris, FR)

Reindeer (, )

keKs (Paris, FR)

simplicissimus (Wien, AT)

magsen (Berlin, DE)

rodeo (London, GB)

PEPITE (Lille, FR)

stephe (Montreal, CA)

antouane (, )

Meg (???, US)

RRRiga (Riga, LV)

Potsun (Tokyo, JP)

ABC (, )

joster (Countryside, SE)

paulemann (Berlin, DE)

Kuroneko (Tokyo, JP)

Artsyken (Tokyo, JP)

He doesn't wear a watch, because he likes to ask people what time it is.

charlynw (Toronto, CA)

My future assistant! ;-)

loss.of.light (Hamburg, DE)

inkaust (Krakow, PL)

Piti_area51 (Bangkok, TH)

marta_v (Alicante, ES)

BastianK (Freyung, DE)

mme.Xposed (Varna, BG)

birdclaws (Baltimore, US)

rabbitandsparrow (New York, US)

My.Iowa (., US)

manwinmodesty (Stockholm, SE)

orezemit (Roswell, US)

tigalita (Berlin, DE)

spitocco (, )

Shlomo.Ben.Jussuf (Berlin, DE)

Dinner time!

crooke (Madrid, ES)

carmendevos (Lochristi, BE)

It was about time!

doc (Wien, AT)

niko (Home Island, CC)

Russischer Zupfkuchen-Lover

jimsnade (Muenchen, DE)

Melech.Gueldenstern (Berlin, DE)

Joakim (Montpellier, FR)

noidmeister (Wien, AT)