every single ONE of you 9,600 wondaful ladies and gentlemen who make this site as supi as it is.
thanx alot, folx!

bussi bussi

~just a note, before you scroll any further~
please don't be sad if you should not find your name on my friendslist, I stopped adding friends some time ago.
the reason for this is that I'm not only the guy with the undeniably bestest pictures on this site, but I also happen to be the WebMeister, who by definition loves all of you equally much and is here to serve and protect all of you regardless of age, sex or shoe size.
so actually there should be nobody on my friendslist, cause actually all of you should be - ahum - you know what I mean..
(...the few people who still are on my list are just the ones who managed to help me to overcome my ethical scruples with amounts of money that I just couldn't resist (please consider that I have 3 hungry mouths to feed, before you condemn me))

mistah dimitris
(Athens, GR)

about time

mistah artpunk
(Melbourne, AU)

his real name is heartpunk
cause his heart is trice as big as the one of the Diprotodon (thank god he has not become extinct yet)
and that's not the only thing we have in common
further similarities:
- his hairy palms rest on a braille keyboard
- he's nuts
- his semi-naked bathroommirror shots make the girls drool

so we are quite the same

(the minor differences -like the fact that he looks much better than me
and his snorkel is trice the size of mine- are neglecteable)

please reload my friendslist till he is amongst the top three - cause that's where his place is

(Wien, AT)

geliebter feldwebel

mistah Fab
(Milano, IT)

perche he is fab
perche his pix are fab (wish he would shoot more)
perche his taste is fabissimo (si, ella E la carinissima)
and perche lui mi ama quando parlo italiano :-)

fraulein webmeisterin
(Wien, AT)

na sowieso.
weils halt so is, wie's is.
..und weil ich "die strenge frau" sehr sehr gern hab..

(Wien, AT)

geliebte russisch frau

(Ann Arbor, US)

she changed my nappies and sang me lullabies back in the days in france.
she's my tenderly beloved older sister (if marriage between relatives wouldn't still be forbidden ...see spitocco)
she lets me sleep in her barn when the storms are blowing too hard
and last but not least - her famous legendary scribbled transfers she uploaded to lomo were the reason we created polanoid.net
so if you like this site, go and thank her

mistah zveliakine
(***, FR)

a man I like alot
(even though he's french)

fraulein nini
(Ljubljana, SI)

jose is her favourite polanoider.
and he is a really nice guy.
so I think she can't be so bad either.
even though I never met her.
cause even though I buy her one train-ticket after the otha she never shows up.
no matter how loud I shout for her.

and she's a great city guide and takes me to the best restaurants everytime she is in vienna.

fraulein emilie79
(Paris, FR)

so cruel!

(so ~sigh~)


mistah centecente
(Cremona, IT)

I like italy
and italians in general
some of them in particular
this one is a great artist (here at the office we call him "master
cente") and one of the dedicatestest pola(r|n)oid amateurs (look up the
original meaning of the word if you think this is an insult for a pro
like him) around here.

..and he should actually be called gentle-cente

(Berlin, DE)

tanissima tova

mistah DodelKrampus
(Wien, AT)

werry huggable
(das mitn kratzy wird schon werden - nur eine frage der zeit)

mistah wuzzn
(Wien, AT)

the one and only otto

fraulein carmendevos
(Lochristi, BE)

she's my mistress.
when she says "Sit!" - I jump and wag my tail.
when she says "Jump!" - I pee on the carpet.

mistah morganx99
(Madrid, ES)

actually it's funny - Rafa is the only one in my list about whom I wouldn't say a "funny" thing (compared to my verbal diarrhoea dedicated to the folx above and below him)
but this isn't necessarily a bad thing.
I like this man.
he is incredibly deep.
and so is his work - impressing me deeply...

fraulein tschintschi
(Wien, AT)

my one and only krokodaxl

(, )

I'm telling nobody any new thing when I say that his work is fökking sükking great
and so is he
if polygamy wouldn't still be forbidden in austria (can you believe it?) I would ask him to marry me
but with or without trauschein - my deepest heart and my hairless popo is all his

fraulein tschuli
(St.Petersburg, RU)

she called her penguin webmeister, and she makes sure that he eats enough (by all means)
but that's not the reason why I like her so much
she's just great, she's just ... tschuli

fraulein scootiepye
(Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)

I feel like she does
(in at least 3 possible meanings of the above)
I like her - and I like her work
both a lot
one even a bit more than the otha

mistah g.
(Hamburg, DE)

my mule is madly in love with his zebra

(and I like it when he knabbers on my ears)

(, )

I like her
a lot actually.
we once sackhopped through the streets just cause she didn't dare to eat a grasshopper.
at the moment we're holding a contest who of us two can act more strange towards the otha.
I really like her alot.