franck (Paris, FR)

Really magical.

culleton (Nagasaki, JP)

Nagasaki scientist

Piti_area51 (Bangkok, TH)

Bangkok's tiger

amicogianni (Ouagadougou, BF)

didier (Montreuil, FR)

tonkatsu76 (Nagasaki, JP)

I like his pictures taken at Fukuoka. He knows real Japan.

morganx99 (Madrid, ES)

He knows mysteries between light and shape.

got2knit (Oakland, US)

matteo (Lugano, CH)

mountaineer and artist

abominadorable (Paris, FR)

larsends (Tacoma, WA, US)

automatik (London, GB)

True artist. Great film-maker.

sucre.candy (Brussel, BE)

Cool duo (Kobenhavn, DK)

I can truly appreciate his pictures.

My.Iowa (., US)

Superb eye

moneal (San Francisco, US)

Gentle and vivid

dimitris (Athens, GR)

Grecian rock on photos.

hfaber (Milano, IT)

I like his pictures.

keico (Tokyo, JP)

If you want to know the feeling of KAWAII, look at her pictures.

g. (Hamburg, DE)

Great Polaroidiot

edulterado (Barcelona, ES)

delicate and strong

zveliakine (***, FR)

I feel he is far and close.

radlov (Moscow, RU)

vadim (Charleroi, BE)

the drama of face

PitKa (-, DE)

joster (Countryside, SE)

beautiful light and people in his pictures

nrs (Montpellier, FR)

Freedom of polaroids

dreamscapes (St. Petersburg, US)

wish (Civitanova marche, IT)

energetic polaroids

louelise (Grenoble, FR)

girl.x (Chicago, US)

magical gradation

kimihiro-watanabe (Chiba, JP)

joel (Bierges, BE)

kiwamete yoi syashin !

TheGentlemanAmateur (London, GB)

utsukushii syashin !

john_gee (Nevada, US)

tanoshii syashin !