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Infuence Of Recollection

A Simple Tale.
In the neighborhood of John Mclaren Park, San Francisco, CA.

It was almost the summer of 1961.

The days were moderate and warming and school was soon ending. I found myself walking home at a slow pace, looking for somethin to do before heading home to do afternoon chores. I reached the corner where Pardini's greenhouse was and noticed some activity down at the end of the block.
Now...this looked promising!
When I arrived, walking past a old dark sedan, one of the older ones that was round all over and lots of chrome on the front grill...was an older man, with a salt and pepper beard and an old dark color fedora hat on...standing next to somethin with a large black cloth over it.
I waited and watched. After a while, he looked up and greeted me and I greeted back with, a hi and what are you doin?
He said, " making a photograph". "Would you like to see it"?
I thought to that possible? Ok! I said.
So...I waited and waited and waited, while he was in an out of the black cloth. Finally, I said, " I gotta go home now". Thanked him, an said good bye. And he said good bye and continued on with his task...and I headed back up the street towards home thinking on the chores that awaited me.

Now fast forward two plus decades later.

Here I am, in a local library doing some personal research. Leafing through a book...and there on page 104...plate number 50...I see...Pardini's greenhouse and water tower!
What the finger follows down to the was...Ansel Adams!
Then, the memory washes over me in bits an pieces and I came to realize...I've always had a great fondness for fedora hats, an all consuming passion for instant photography and for the most part...liked when my face had a beard. can never know what influences comes to we go through life.


That period of time was when Ansel Adams was testing and evalulating Polaroid 4x5 Professional Sheet Film for them.

The Image

Water Tower 1961 By Ansel Adams [Pardini's Greenhouse and Water Tower]


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