Polaroid 1000

This camera was probably many peoples' first introduction to Instant Photography, being widely available, relatively affordable and easy to use.
The Polaroid 1000 is a rigid body (non-folding) SX-70 integral film camera, whose production began in 1977. It is no longer produced and hasn't been for a while. There seems to be many variations on the same design for this camera, marketed under different names in different countries, like the "OneStep" "The Button" the "Time Zero OneStep" and other names (I personally had a "1000 OneStep" for example), generally differing only in cosmetic details, many had a happy and colourful rainbow stripe down the middle of the camera face.

The 1000 had:
* Single-element 103mm f/14.6 plastic lens.
* Fixed focus.
* White-and-black plastic body.

ALL of these non-folding SX-70 Cameras had the following features in common:
* Electronic shutter with Programmed auto exposure; long exposures possible on most if not all models.
* Has Flash bar socket for flash; accessory electronic flashes were also available
* Rigid plastic body

One of the 1000's accessories was an impressive electronic flash unit that clamped onto the top of the camera for night, low-light or fill-in flash purposes. All in all this camera is a go-anywhere hardy instant fun machine!
Thanks to the Land List for some of the technical details used in this review.

Review by artpunk