fig 1: the original template © BastianK
Each picture submitted for this project must meet the following requirements:
Please note that submissions that don't meet ALL of these requirements will be removed without the blink of an eye and the submitter will be laughed at sneeringly.

Good luck and mucho much fun!
fig 2: Illustration and graphical eggsplanation of the most important project requirements © webbo
*) if you really, really, really can't manage to get outside and find a shooting location with a straight horizon line (cause you're not willing to leave the citycenter or forest you're living in), you may (as an exception!) have your pic taken indoors in front of a neutral (no patterned wallpapers) wall. in this case please take all pictureframes and deer heads off from the wall behind you to not disturb the optical illusion too much..

**) the project will run till we have at least 300 submissions (this is about the number of folx logging in each day, so this should not be too impossible)