Past Project (2009-11-30 till 2009-12-26)
"Did you ever wake up with the feeling that sumfin really special happened the night before? But you cant remember what where or who with?" ..then do like Vera - at least take a Polaroid of the bed! "Unmade Beds" - one of the absolute bestest movies we've seen since a long time. Ok, we are a of course a tad biased here at the office, seeing an SX-70 closeup in a movie and hearing the magic clack-tzzzzzz sound, makes our spine tingle in the most pleasant way (look at the trailer and you'll know what I'm talking about). So let me quote the remarks of some unbiased experts: "Brilliant, eggzellent - movie of the year!" (Alexis Dos Santos, director/writer), "Intimate, tender, most beautifully shot" (Jakob Ihre, cinematographer) - so you see, even impartial, independent experts share our enthusiasm! A wondaful movie - you really gotta see it. But fist show us the remains of *your* passionate, eggziting, boring, sleepless, sweat-soaked nights - show us *your* unmade beds! 3-2-1 clack-tzzzzzz..
Winning Picture:
"unmade beds" by birdclaws
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