Past Project (2008-02-22 till 2008-03-10)
(a topic "aus gegebenem anlass") Let's express our passion and love for the unique medium by means of the beloved unique medium. Let's show the officials and the whole planet that POLAROID PASSION is sumfin that never can be stopped, sumfin that will survive forever. Upload your pix of fridges crammed with Polaroid film, bedroom walls plastered with Polaroid pictures, the house extension you had to build for your absurdely huge collection of Polaroid cameras ... your emaciated kids cause you spend all money on film (and there would be no room for food in the fridge anyway)... Let us show that we care, let's show that we are truly polanoidically passionate about real analoge, touchable, smellable instant fun.
Winning Picture:
"Infinite Art II" by orezemit
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