Past Project (2008-02-04 till 2008-02-21)
It's late and lil webbo baby is tired, so let's skip the flowery intro and get right to the point: Rummage your parent's drawers and attic coffers and find the oldest vintagest pola your parents took of YOU (or somebody equally goodlooking). This time we wanna see the charming lil' you. But beware - we're asking for diptychs again! Since we all agreed that we don't wanna see only old, alreadyseen pix in this new area of polanoid projects (and cause I wanna force you to buy film at, this project requires that the second portion of your diptych submission consists of a new (>2008-02-03) shot, showing the lil'YOU (or the samebody equally goodlooking) today. For the sake of visual entertainment, try to stage the "now" shot as similar as possible to the "then" shot. Have a look at the priceless first submission of esteemed member lil' WebMiester, and you'll get the idea. 1-2-3 ... rummage!
Winning Picture:
"lil'me + 26 years later" by missbonbon
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