2013-01-28 // 12:14:59
how sweet to see this made the day.
happy :)

thank you, dear :)

2013-01-24 // 21:01:06
Tu es la femme de G.Nero ? .o) Fabrice,

2013-01-23 // 22:18:09
I like the tree there. The house reminded me to a certain old house in Riga, and then I got reminded to a picture I took nearly five ago ( »link ). Which is maybe not much compared to the tree, and the house, but still - we've shared quite some time here. stories got told.
I kinda like how this place becomes more quite, but at the same time stands in the waves of the internet like an old house, or tree.

And just now I realized how the UV-pattern of the film reveals in the scan. How fitting (thinking about what i wrote about polaroids back then at my picture).

i see what you mean :)