2012-05-24 // 01:07:28
Very nice this blue shot, congrats!
Thank you so much Mr. :-)

2012-05-22 // 04:59:33
Hugh Whitaker
Beautiful shot, I had a pack of 64 that did exactly this pattern in the middle, love it
It's magic :-)
Thanks a lot for liking it. I hope to see your pictures here too ;-)

2012-05-16 // 09:13:46
Sehr schön! Huii, war jetzt ein paar Tage lang nicht auf Polanoid... bald gibts auch mal wieder Bilder von mir. Grüßle!
Viele Grüße zurück zu dir :-)
Da wird's aber wieder Zeit mal nachzusehen ;-)
Bin schon mal gespannt auf deine neuen Bilder. Und vor allem wo du wieder unterwegs warst...

2012-05-14 // 22:00:40
That's pretty wonderful!
Thank you very very much :-)

2012-05-14 // 17:46:03
it could be interesting to have a portable flash, and see if it makes a mix with the blue in the background and more colors where you point the flashes.

i haven't tried my flashes outside yet with this film. i will try soon...

I think the problem is that it should be a very big flash...
At the least i need a bigger backpack :-)
I hope to see your results ;-)

2012-05-14 // 13:51:39
Allherzlichen Glückwunsch - das war wieder einmal hochverdient! :)
Oh vielen herzlichsten Dank :-)
Das freut mich :-)

2012-05-14 // 12:58:13
Nice one...indeed...like philippe said...it was meant to be :)...congratulations !!!
Thank you!
Thank you!!
Thank you!!!

2012-05-14 // 12:04:55
Bravo! )
Thanks, it's good to hear from you :-)

2012-05-14 // 11:38:06
Are the fish biting?

No fish...
But all the mosquitoes on my left side :-)
Thanks Mr. for liking it :-)

2012-05-14 // 11:15:01
Congratulations! I love that blue with the 64.
Thank you very much Peter :-)

2012-05-14 // 10:27:03
Congrats on your latest sotd & thanks also for my new screensaver ; )
You're welcome :-)
Thanks for liking it again Rachael :-)

2012-05-14 // 01:35:08
It was meant to be :)
Haha thanks a lot Philippe :-)
It would be nice to know :-)

2012-05-12 // 22:39:47
nice one.
so that's how 64 looks like outside!
lot's of blue. i wonder how to get more colors out of it.
i have 3 beautiful packs from 1993 and they are so nice.

Thanks a lot Mr. T!
I will try it the next time with a longer exposure. Maybe i will get more colors, what do you tink? Or i have to bring tungsten light with me :-)
Are your last uploads from type 64 the '93 expired packs?

2012-05-12 // 21:51:09
Nice Bastian, you just keep´em coming...
Thank you very much Peter :-)

2012-05-12 // 20:42:37
brrr kalt war es bestimmt
aba schön :)


Bissl kalt ist mir schon geworden...
Um die Knie :-)
Ein toller Platz hier ;-)
Vielen Dank a.