2011-11-17 // 14:47:57
so what did you do with the pod?
Oh..Hi g

Well.. seeing how, the age of film has dryed-out the pods soo much...I just revitilize the dye transfer chemicals and pre-condition the negative. It can be a messy affair at times.
It was and can be a hit or miss success. So...each set of experiments are just as unique as the film it's self.
One thing I've noticed with this batch of film...that the pods dry from the outside edge in...where the center section of the pods is still more active...the film speed has suffered greatly.

All this is the result of doing the research to see the 'what if'' principle is possible...just like my SDT images experiments.
There is a host of chemicals that I've had to check and the images have considerable cross dye interactions..which can change form pod to pod or chemicals to chemical.
Take care.
John Gee