2011-06-19 // 19:22:03

Hi there!

I'm organizing a new instant photography collective exhibition.
Last year I organized POLAROID EASY ART ? in the ancient castle of Dolceacqua,Italy (»link), with some help from the Impossible Project.
This year it will be held in other top locations (Milan/Italy and Nice/France): »link and I would like to add some new photos, due to last year success.
As the art director and organizer of this project, I would like to ask you for one or more Instant Polaroid/Impossible pics (scanned files and not the originals), I saw some of your Polaroid photos and they caught my attention.

Please before sending your previews consult my web page : »link
Please let me know asap if you would like to join this international project, with your photos.

Deadline for submitting the definitive exhibition files (high res. pics + form): 20 july 2011
Deadline for submitting your previews : 5 july 2011

Best regards

Hi Mirko

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, I'm afraid I have been away and wasn't aware of this message. Yes, I would love to be part of this although I am worried I may have missed the preview deadline. If I haven't then I will happily send you the image/s.
Many thanks for getting in touch.
All the best

2010-08-26 // 14:07:59
Wow your serie is incredible i'm a big fan!!

2010-08-25 // 19:39:27
Very nicely done. I love this series of your children--reminds me of Sally Mann. What lens are you using on the Toyo?
thanks for your kind comment :)
I use a symmar 150-S 5.5/150 lens

2010-08-24 // 22:44:37
That's so cool!
thank you :)

2010-08-24 // 21:52:32
good work!
many thanks Peter :)

2010-08-24 // 21:46:31
I also just do a series with a mask:)

very nice !!!

many thanks sdzn .. I will have to take a look :)