2007-12-03 // 05:48:26
that's awesome you guys hung out. damn. haha an afternoon of shooting with exithp and emilie79...that would be fun. love the shot.
haha, it was fun yes, but we actually didn't shoot too many things!!!
next time you'll be there!!!


2007-11-27 // 18:39:29
an afternoon with her??? you are too lucky!
:-) great day to all

2007-11-27 // 11:19:21
next time you should try a double pic :D
i'll do that yes...

2007-11-27 // 10:16:01
did she take a real pic?
was she posing only?
I would be nice seeing it!
nice one anyway :D

haha no unfortunately it was a fake!!! well , just posing...
we had the Eiffel tour just in front of us but i think the framing wasn't that hot so she didn't want to waist film...

2007-11-26 // 23:45:35
that's a great photo, girl and camera. she's very polagenic hey?

2007-11-26 // 22:58:55
hehe!! nice one ;)

:-> qui a dis que c'etait pas super d'etre devant la camera???

2007-11-26 // 22:44:22
Awesome, and may I add essential attire for polanoiding at this time of year - FINGERLESS GLOVES!
hahaha nice details isn't it???

good you saw it.