2006-03-24 // 01:02:28
i agree top is best. nice chairs.

2006-03-13 // 10:19:24
really love this couple!
but my fav'one is the first one!

me too, I should have left that one alone. the second one "explains" too much...

2006-03-13 // 05:06:41
love this shot

2006-03-13 // 04:58:06
very very nice! i especially like the white on white shot at the top.
everybody seems to agree on this... i might be posting that one alone...

2006-03-13 // 00:46:46
I ♥ vintage furniture. I like this shot.

2006-03-13 // 00:35:18
I love these chairs... i forget the designer off hand but my grandmon had these in her basement when I was a kid and I would swing around on them really fast!
designer: eero saarinen. google him, specially the TWA building. amazing architect!