this is not taken with a Diana...
certainly not.

it is taken with an Eurynarů
an old lens, which, depending
on the elements you use, the opening,

is actually four lenses in one
and I love it

because it's a challenge again and again
I'm not saying I master it

but I'm getting closer and closer
I like what I see

the old ital. goddess
derivates from Diva Jana

derivates from
greek Εύρος = range
and also, the deity representing the east wind,
thought to bring warmth and water

This is Jana.
The girl from East.

Shotdate | -location:
2013 Aug. 14 | Hamburg (DE)

Camera | Filmtype:
Linhof Technika III | 559 (expired)
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she liked this most
and the longer I look at it
I say she's right
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