my first (4x5) time
shot by Bastian & Julia

(cigarette by Philip & Morris)

the first time I had the joy and honor to witness this great 4x5 branch of Polaroid© photography with all its fascinating awe-inspiring rituals of loading the camera with single sheets of film, setting shutter speed and aperture based on the results of the 6 point-weighted- average measurements with the famous Sixtomat lightmeter after every movement of the tripod..

..a wondaful show that makes the adjective in "Instant Photography" sound funnily euphemistic
(no animals, but 3 packs of cigarettes were killed during the production of this picture)
(and I swear that the funny wisp of hair on my head was visibly shorter on the first test shots!)

loved the procedure, loved the results
what a great experience, I might get hooked on it
thanxo mucho, dear bavarians!

Shotdate | -location:
2010 June 23 | Wien (AT)

Camera | Filmtype:
110 converted to 4x5 | 52 (expired)
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