A too short night
Only then, in the glow of a full moon, they - beloved - are permitted to see each other.

Not always, on those scarce togethernesses, is it passion and firework then. Often there’s tristesse about the fleeting night; sometimes there’s incomprehension and lamentation, not unfamiliar to most couples.

Only at dawn when standing back to back again and headies hanging, regret sets in. For the wasted moment. And because it will be so long again before they get another chance.

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2010 Feb. 26 | Lochristi (BE)

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SX-70 | PX100 FF
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I noticed that 043 pictures shot in low light, didn't stop developing. Dark areas became growing stains and lost their detail.

I put the last picture of this triptych in the deep-freezer for half an hour, to preserve its clarity.
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