Magic Tree
This is the final series from my Polaprinter. I wasn't sure how this would turn out as it was quite a contrasty images. In the end, although probably not exhibition quality, I love the degradation effects from the expired film.

I was driving with parents on the south island and I slammed on the brakes to catch the picture of this tree. I'd say the pic was worth having startled elders :)

The original photo can be found here: »link

I have to say I am a bit partial to the one on Polafilm :)

Shotdate | -location:
2010 Jan. 01 | Southern Alps, NZ (NZ)

Camera | Filmtype:
Polaprinter | 669 (expired)
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This is a digital -> 35mm conversion -> Polaprinter. I've been curious how to get a more 'humane' feel for the digital shots I took awhile back. These were all taken on extremely expired film (dated 2002).
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