Old Medicine [Fade To Black version]
Iím playing with shooting styles, and techniques right now, and loving every minute of it. Shooting some new editorial material, still product shots, I wanted to add some magic. This called for Polaroid film. Fade To Black is where the magic is for me right now, absolutely. Iím playing with it. Playing with it as source material. Whilst most people are shooting then cold peeling or wet peeling it to stop the process. Or slapping it on the scanner, and capturing all the stages of development as they happen. Me, I prefer to capture the stages of development as they happen before my eyes, in the daylight, in the sun, in the warm. I travel without a scanner, so I record my Polaroids to digital via my Nikon D300 and a macro lens, which works great, or to my iPhone, also great. Particularly great. I also shoot reference shots with both of those cameras alongside the Polaroids. The whole mix makes for an inspirational photo shoot. Sometimes I keep the shots straight, as this one, and sometimes, I postprocess them and use the Polaroid as a kind of negative, a starting point for the creative process. This one is straight shot, straight processed, yet has all the magic, little modulations, light mark on the left, a kind of redscale film effect to the colour.

This one was meant to be an out take shot from this weekís Fade To Black shoot, but Iím giving this one a bigger slot now. Folio. Itís given me a little more inspiration. The whole shoot was of eau de toilettes, but whilst sourcing them, I stumbled across this old bottle of Italian medicine, and just couldnít resist giving it the Fade To Black treatment. Fade To Black Polaroid film copied on iPhone 3Gs. I love the colour and modulation of texture on this film, and in particular, on the batch that I shot this particular day. I also love shooting this kind of subject as still life on this film. I have another series I want to shoot next. These images are feeding into a new magazine project I have in the pipeline.

subject | Italian medicine bottle

location | Daylight studio, Ostuni, Puglia, Italy

camera | Polaroid SX-70 + Polaroid Fade To Black film [print copied to iPhone 3Gs]

processing | Polaroid Fade To Black film, no postprocessing

photography | © Blue Perez 2010

Shotdate | -location:
2010 Jan. 26 | Ostuni (IT)

Camera | Filmtype:
SX-70 Alpha1 | Fade2Black
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