Argyle Falls, Tobago.
This is my last sx-70 for the time being- the last shot on my last pack of film that I took on holiday. It's also one of my favourites- i was so worried about wasting my last shot- like my last rolo, but i am only sorry i didn't save more film for this place- it was amazing!

It took us hours to get there- we can't drive and had to go to find a cab- what a mission. We ended up being driven by a madman who kept on asking us which was our favourite race to have sex with. He bought us food and told us his taxi friends would give him lots of kudos for picking up too young (ish) white girls.

I am just glad we made it back alive. I took this photo then met all the people in the right of the photo who gave us a ride home- thank god for them! We would have probably never made it back from the Tobagonian countryside without them!!

Anyway here it is- Argyle falls, one of the most beautiful places i have ever been...

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2008 Aug. 30 | Tobago (TT)

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SX-70 Sonar Autofocus | SX-70 (expired)
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