- This is a new project I'm starting. It has been on my mind for a very long time now...

My father was a passionate amateur photographer like me. He passed away when i was young and as I was getting older without him around, I started to realized how amazing some of his photographs was.
we were traveling quite a lot, following him were he was working. Morocco, Mali, and many other african country.
Today, I want to help his work to be seen but also combine my photographic technique with his. in a way, to reborn, to pass on, to leave for ever...

it's a collaboration between father and son.

father: - canon argentique 35 mm - developed on diapositive.
son: - I projected the Dia onto body parts.
I choose skin as a screen because I need an human element in this very technical project. to have the feeling of touch, closeness, texture... something I can't have directly with my father.
and used expired polaroid film to loose any sense of time...

Shotdate | -location:
2007 Dec. | *** (FR)

Camera | Filmtype:
SX-70 | 600
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