Martezan Jakupi
I meet Jakupi when i was doing a documentary film here in Istria, i was passing near him every day, not knowing his story..
I started to taking pictures, then he started to talk, he is Albanian so his Croatian is not so great..
Jakupi is a slave, his boss is kipping him as a shepherd not giving him nothing, no money no food, just beating him here and then..
I filmed his story, and then we made a plan, a plan for escape, it was this Sunday when the dark falls.. he did not want to leave before the ships are no longer hungry..
So i waited and i drive him away..
He was just concern for the ships, what will be wit them..

Shotdate | -location:
2007 June 03 | . (HR)

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600SE | Fuji FP-100B
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Uploaded: June 28, 2007
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