Warning: Jesus Bug
So on a Saturday night I return to the apartment of the couple that I stayed with during my most recent New York visit. It was *the* night of Halloween parties before the actual Halloween night the following Tuesday and while I was out with friends of mine and the guy of the host couple was out at a cheap Halloween costume party with friends of his (he went as Dr. Phil - "Are you out of your miiiiind?" "What were you thiiiinkin'?" - hilarious!), the girl decided to stay in to catch up on some sewing for a class she's taking. As I close the door I see this note, written by her.

It was late and cold and my reading must have been sloppy, because I misread this note as:

There's a two-legged bug the size of Jesus in our apartment!

Freaked me the fuck out then and there. And made me laugh at the same time.

We talked about the infamous Jesus bug for another day or so, until the guy happened upon the millipede (1,000-legged, not two-legged) described in the note and squashed it. So there you have it. The Jesus bug is dead.

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2006 Oct. 28 | Brooklyn (US)

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SLR 680 SE | 600
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Appreciate random humor and document it as you happen upon it
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