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Member: dan.jenkins
Located: WellingtonNZ
Age: 36
Birthday: Jan 23.

Likes: polaroids, music, photography, travel, fiction, politics, mountain biking, motorbiking, friendships, lager

About Me:
Recently re-hemispherically-shifted back to the lower part of the lower half of the globe and employed as documentation consultant (well, technical writing contractor, at present, says it best, I guess).

I am a (very) amateur photographer, political agitator (that is, I'll argue anything that gets you agitated) and (sometimes) downbeat guru. I believe in individual freedom and am distrustful of organised religion, government and pseudo-free market theory. I am decended from monkeys and there is no God.

Currently reading:
'Voltaire's Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West' by John Ralston Saul; 'The Penguin History of New Zealand' by Michael King; 'The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger' by Stephen King

Currently listening too:
Elliott Smith, New Young Pony Club, Bikini Kill, Death Cab for Cutie, Devotchkas, Ryan Adams, Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, Portishead, the Smiths, the Ejected

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