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Located: Monroe, LouisianaUS
Age: ±73

Likes: polaroid, toy cameras, vintage cameras, darkrooms, double exposures, b&w film

About Me:
I'm obsessed with and collect vintage cameras of all formats. i just recently decided to start using my old 210 Land camera [after 20-30 years] - for some "b&w only" series [don't really like color film] i had to order everything... track down the B&W peel apart film, and the hard to find 532 battery!

I'm currently scanning all my Polaroids from the 60s and 70s -to preserve them and fix some i stupidly used in collages, or didn't preserve well- for a possible show. i don't really like to fix them too much, as i like the brown stuff that appears after years of oxidation. it adds to the art!

i'm a professional singer/ songwriter/ recording/performing artist- but have a passion for photography--- and do some exhibits now and then. I live/work between Louisiana and Europe- i plan to shoot b&w series in both places this summer.

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