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Member: milkyjoe
Located: ManchesterGB
Age: 36
Birthday: Mar 13.

Likes: animation, film, making kites, being outside in the summer, classic cars and motorcycles

About Me:
What to say? I don't have any stamps in my passport although I do have a sticker on the front that says 3a for some reason, a greek man put it there. I don't mind if it rains, I can put a coat on. I play guitar too. I dressed in a suit once because my friend asked me too. I am an only child. I don't have a girlfriend who asks me what I did today. I know how to ride a motorbike. I'm not completely sure how to drive a car. I like computer games which make me think I'm a soldier. I don't like nuts. Sometimes I do a thing with my hands when I'm concentrating really hard. I've been to London in the summer and the winter, I preferred it in the winter. I liked the white stripes for a while, now I like other stuff. I have a cactus which a spaniard tried too make look like father christmas, its a good effort.
I like old cars and stuff that was around before transistors, or at least before I was around.

I've only just got into Polaroids, so far I'm just taking snaps, learning how to treat film. I love it. I may give myself a little project soon, I like distractions.

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