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Located: SavannahUS
Age: 39
Birthday: Aug 06.

Likes: polaroids, paris, champagne, bicycles, cafes, pink martini

About Me:
Séamuis; or James, unless you want to call me Erik. I was born in august of nineteen eighty four. I am a photojournalist/documentar y photographer and traveler/explorer. I call two places home: Savannah, Ga. U.S. and Baguio City, R.P. I have a beautiful woman by my side, and she is my light in this life, my lover, my best friend and my food, travel, and adventure partner. When it comes to getting by in this life, I believe that you should always remember to Live, love, smile, explore and love some more. I also believe that champagne is the true drink of life. I love watching, listening, reading, writing, photographing and documenting everything.
a cyclist, a social democrat, a feminist and LGBT supporter, an avid reader, journal writer and music explorer. people before profit, literacy, education and love above all.

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