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Member: headless
Located: Eastern Shore of VAUS
Age: 36
Birthday: Jul 18.
Email: everyones_an__expert@hotm..

Likes: polaroids, music, art, photography, the sky, sleeping, technology, adderall, addictions, alternative, beauty, breathing, coffee, colors, creative writing, creativity, critical thinking, dreaming, drugs, ego loss, grammar, grass, hallucinations, humour, ideas, illusions, imagination, intelligence, leaves, life, lightning, lyrics, medication, mind expansion, mind games, mindfucks, movies, neuroscience, photograpgy, photoshop, pills, poems, poetry, prescription drugs, prose, psychedelics, psychology, reading, romance, sleep, snow, stars, tattoos, the beach, the brain, the mind, the placebo effect, the wind, thinking, thrift stores, thunder, time, writing.

About Me:
I take photos when I feel like it. I breath constantly.

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