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Located: WashingtonUS
Age: 55
Birthday: Sep 29.

Likes: music, cooking, knitting, internet, old cameras, sci-fi, 35mm film, photagraphy

About Me:
In college I majored in classical voice and later literature and then history, but now Iím in my tenth year of doing call center tech support. Iím currently employed by a fourth ISP. I know a shitload about how the Internet works, and have in my time had root on a great many Linux boxen.

Iím a vegetarian. Iím also left-handed, Hindu, extroverted, and I adore reading and taking naps and sci-fi and singing and coffee.

My hobbies are collecting small electronic devices, maintaining my web site, making music, vintage cameras, knitting, writing, bento, and cooking. I do not like cleaning house, being broke, foods with weird textures, car crashes, or incisions (even though I had a really good time getting my wisdom teeth extracted, what with the intravenous Valium and all). My talent is swimsuit and I want to be a veterinarian because I love children.

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