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Likes: music, art, literature, the color red, traveling, tea, god, rain, home, cathedrals

About Me:

I'd like to believe that the Beatles were right:
'Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup.'

I'm not a photographer. I'm more of a writer, but this past fall I managed to procure a Spirit 600 polaroid camera for free & a package of film that had expired ten years earlier. I had been interested in polaroids for a little while for various reasons, but it was at that moment that I started planning adventures.

Polaroids are some of my favorite memories. Each one of the pictures I take has a story behind it - a memory or an idea. That's why some of them aren't as beautiful as others and some of them turned out differently than expected.

I have a sentimental attachment to places & things, and I love the feeling of 'home' that we can glimpse from time to time - like a postcard from a far-off destination - and I hope to capture some of that on film.

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