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Member: Jetsetter23
Located: MalibuUS
Age: 44
Birthday: Mar 04.

Likes: travel, sleeping late, exploring, 4'o clock light, martini's, gifts of polaroid, music from the hotel costes, loooooong exposures

About Me:
Taking a Polaroid always brings a smile to my face...
I mainly use a 360 that was my father's (he gave me an entire kit) and a Spectra for night photography. I will do anything I can to help save Polaroid film---there is nothing else like it! Muisc inspires me greatly--check out the new album, Ghosts I-IV from Nine Inch Nails---beautiful instrumentals. I am so happy to find some many other Polamanics here! :)

Some of my other Pola-Acquisitions since joining up here have included a couple of Sx-70's...some in mint condition, others in need of some TLC. Also a really beat up 420 I havent got working yet...I am like the island of lost toys...I love it when I am gifted as a steward of long lost Polaroid treasures.

Got an Automatic 100 from a family friend the other day...needs some TLC but appears to be working.

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