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Member: fabric
Located: Los AngelesUS
Age: 36
Birthday: Apr 08.
Email: seafoamgreen____@hotmail...

Likes: sufjan stevens, air, trees, nature, conceptual art, simplicity, substance, belle & sebastian, nylon, 1960's

About Me:
I love love.

The mere fact of my exsistence is so complex to me. I hate enduring pointless days trying to understand where i begin and where i end. My mother tells me i have issues, which angers me because she does not understand me. If you ask me, people try way too hard to be like all the rest. I want want to be closer to my friends. This makes me feel despondent as does having to go to school. I hate it. I have no idea what i'm going to do with my life. Well maybe after i graduate i was thinking something along the lines of moving far away to a place like Cuba. Actually i just want to travel the world. That is my only life goal, really. December is one of my favorite months. I cannot wait till December comes. These hot sunny days have gotten old far too quick. I want to wear scarves and long beautiful peacoats. I wish i could have been a hippie in the 1960's, or a beatnik. I am actually a really nice person, it's just that people like to think i am a pushover, which i am not. I want to fall asleep and not wake up for a week or so. Maybe that is all i need, sleep.

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