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Member: ao
Located: GeneveCH
Age: 52
Birthday: Jun 29.

Likes: drawing, painting, guitar playing, stones, beautiful women, imperfections, things that take me back to when i was a, 45's, classic minis, eames designs, old greenhouses, moss on a wall, old textures, paint peeling away, weathered materials, the smell of asphalt in summer, the smell of fresh cut grass, to sleep on the grass with the sun, peeking panties, drawing materials, old papers, engravings, klimt's sketches, 80's music, designer furniture, harmonica playing, the smell of turpentine, greenaway films, jarmusch films, big lebowski

About Me:
columbo, oak trees in winter, cantona, kilims, soft skin, long hair, long legs, short skirts, new order, dylan, depeche mode, beastie boys, joy division, talking heads, prince, golf, golf courses, golf pants, tartan, old houses with stone walls..etc..etc..etc

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