2007-12-13 // 19:28:22


today i recieved my films for the image system camera. unfortunately they'd been opened by someone somewhere, so they don't work anymore. or, i've putted the last 10 pictures in the fridge, so i'm hoping that they work. all the ones i've been taking this evening are just blurry and grey.
but, maybe it looks cool anyways?

i'm gonna upload them.

2007-12-01 // 16:36:12


today i've uploaded a couple of photos.
now i just have to scan all the other polaroids.
gonna take long time.

also i've been searching for films to my new image system camera. i found lots, and fortunately they were all cheap. i'm looking forward to recieve them.
till now, i've only used 600-cameras.

still, i really like polanoid.net, it's pretty simple after all. i've figured out how to use it.

2007-11-21 // 12:36:38


i'm trying to figure out how this site works.
it confuses me a bit, as it's not as easy to use as myspace.com - !!

but i like it anyways.

i've found a musthave 600-pola-cam. it's pink and grey. i can't live without, so i will have to check ebay every day, to see if someone's selling it.
it's a musthave for a girl like me!

i really do like polanoid.net