2012-01-04 // 13:11:41

Attempted the 365 Project (a photo a day) last year, with about a 75% success rate I reckon. Quite alot of Polaroids taken, many still to be uploaded to Polanoid. So a big scanning session is on my list to start 2012 ...

And maybe some Impossible 500 film this year??!? ;)

2011-01-07 // 19:57:22

Long time no update! Lots of Polaroids shot thru 2010, and a bundle of cameras collected too!

Will 2011 be the year the Impossible Project resurrect the 500 format and I can rock my Vision and my P-500 printer again? ;)

Happy Polanoiding People!

2009-10-04 // 11:17:54

Been busy this year finishing a new Dr Rubberfunk album ('Hot Stone' - due out November 2009), but have taken plenty of Polaroids through the year, and am just getting round to scanning them all in! As always - thanks for the kind words and support!

2007-09-10 // 23:13:45

Been a bit quiet for me on the Polanoid front this year, but I've got a new Image camera to play with, and I've at last worked out a way to get my all-in-one Epson scanner to work with OSX, so I'll be getting round to uploading a bunch of shots over the coming weeks ...

2006-12-03 // 13:20:32

Wow! Shot Of The Day! Thanks to everyone who voted, and for all the great comments - they've inspired me to get more shots online, and might just be the impetus I need to buy my own scanner :)
Cheers for the support folks!

2006-07-05 // 19:24:02

So I've finally got round to uploading my first set of pictures - the 'Turntable Series' - taken as rough ideas for some album artwork, and I may still use them, but they've become nice little photos in their own right. Limited access to a scanner (I should just buy one!) is frustrating further uploads, but there are hundreds more shots to come, as and when I get the time!
Cheers for looking in anyway ...