2008-10-04 // 02:07:10

awww thanks for everyone who voted on my "september quilt"
i really do appreciate it and am so glad you like!

it was so beautiful and these flowers made me so happy.
these are kisses from the season, nature.
also these shots are kisses from me to all of you.
if this quilt made you happy, again i'm so happy :)

2008-04-18 // 14:04:28 (private)

guys, if you think that i'm snobby because you added me as a fiend and i don't add you guys back. this is the story.
i though i did. but now i know why i don't see my firends that i have added on the list the other day.
i kept pushing the wrong button. ha!

well, i'm not snobby. i'm just careless.
i'll do that another day... :P

2007-09-19 // 06:00:35

hi guys! i have changed my member name here on polanoid and deleted all the pics on the old account. if you know me please add me as a friend! :)

*dear webmeister
please delete my old account "ny-records" whenever you have time. sorry for a bother. thanks a lot!