2008-04-17 // 02:37:41

Just curious, there's a lot of passionate Polaroid photographers clogging up flickr - just wondering how many people here are Polaroid ONLY photographers?

That is, Polaroid and instant cameras are the only ones you use and you don't have any digital or film cameras in your collection?

For the purpose of this exercise, let's just say that cameras in phones and other electronic devices don't count because - I'm assuming anyway -the device wasn't purchased *because* it had a camera in it.


2008-04-16 // 10:22:24 (private)

Still waiting for that SLR680 to arrive in the post!

2008-01-02 // 00:37:59

Happy New Year everyone! And if like me, you're returning back to work tomorrow (Wednesday January 2), all the best getting back into the swing of things!

*edited thanks to vadim's eagle eye for detail!

2007-12-27 // 01:48:26

Just to make sure I don't upset anyone, what's the go with Fuji Instax shots here? Go or no? I noticed when entering "Other Camera" details it specified only Polaroid cameras, but I have also seen some Fuji Instax shots in the collection too... cheers!

2007-12-24 // 09:38:43

Sigh. All out of Absolut 600 film - anyone got any extra packs they want to part with??

2007-12-24 // 01:47:07

To everyone on Polanoid,

A very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year on polanoid.net and have been inspired by so many wonderful photos. I don't know what it was like before, but agree with what a lot of people are saying - we can either all sit around and complain about how something isn't as good as it used to be or actively try to change it.

And if polanoid is a business venture or was, well so what? How many people in this day and age would spend their time putting together a kick-arse website and not expect any return? In this .com day and age, I think some people do expect a little too much sometimes.


2007-12-18 // 01:33:10

neil: Don't feel embarassed, I had the very same problem! To add friends, you have to do it by editing your profile and adding friends from there. If only you could add friends with a single click on polanoid.net - but I'll gladly forgive as everything else is as dope as soap on a rope!

2007-12-09 // 03:45:33

Hey, here's a question I thought of: what's everyone's "success rate" when it comes to shooting Polaroids? ie how many shots do you go through before you get one fantastic shot?

2007-11-28 // 07:50:11

Wish unsaleable had announced their Polaroid Impulse Passion pack a few weeks ago... I finally caved in and just bought an Impulse AF on ebay but would have jumped at the package on offer... oh well, you can't win 'em all!

EDIT: no wait, the camera I got sent was a regular Polaroid Impulse, No AF. I run so bad at buying cameras off non-English speaking ebay people, but at least this guy sent me a camera unlike this German dude who just took my money. Looks like I might be hitting up unsaleable after all...

2007-11-26 // 16:20:37

Something I've just thought - while the combination of analog and digital technology will no doubt lead to some pretty exciting photography concepts, does anyone else think there needs to be clearer distinction made between "pure" Polaroids and ones that have been digitally altered?

I know that it's up to individuals to make note of this when displaying their pictures on whatever online photo-site they choose (Polanoid is obviously the best for Polaroids...), but I just wanted to put it out there because the spontaneity and honesty of Polaroid photography is what draws many to it and to have these put at risk... well, it just isn't cricket!