2008-02-10 // 23:03:18


3 of my polaroids are on the BBC news site.

it's not really a big deal cos it's like a "public send in your pictures" section of the site. But they used 3 of mine. And it's exciting. My mum will like it.


my photos are 1, 5 and 11.


2007-12-28 // 11:34:01

yay!! i got my first award. how satisfying. thankyou people in charge.

do i win anything???

2007-09-19 // 11:09:46

it's talk like a pirate day. yarrrrrr!

2007-09-15 // 00:02:48

my girlfriend just split up with me! :(

2007-09-08 // 12:05:35

ive uploaded some new pics from my holiday. first proper outing for the sx70. x

2007-08-28 // 21:45:56

got an izone camera with film in for 20p at a car boot. mega good!

2007-08-21 // 17:32:53

does anyone use the "packfilter" to use 600 film in their sx70. i got some off ebay, and my camera keeps spitting the filter out after an exposure. it's getting annoying cos then i have to reload it in the dark.

i took it out today to get some pictures, got 1, then the filter spat out. so that was the end of my fun.

any help would be appreciated. might just go buy the proper filter off unsaleable now.


2007-08-13 // 22:57:15

i got my very first sx70 today. how exciting. it even came with the polaroid shoulder carry case. it's very swish. im so happy.

2007-08-03 // 11:51:48

ive updated my website.

av a look see. x

2007-08-01 // 10:02:26

ive got my first 600 film pictures up. tar to everyone who has commented thus far. Jon x