2007-08-24 // 19:57:33

Not sure if anyone knows, but to all the sx70 Sonar users out there, Unsaleable seem to have the 'ever-ready' black leather cases back in stock!

2007-08-21 // 18:01:44

Today, after much waiting and hoping, the new Black Sonar SX70 arrived :3


Many thanks to WebMeister :3
And thank you Andi, for adding in 3 packs of 779 as a good will gesture :)
No doubt i'll be back on unsaleable buying type 80 film for the Instant 10 i recently bought.... please bring back the 'Type 80 Surprise Selection'...pleeeease!! :)

2007-08-17 // 21:39:35

Well, after a bit of a wait, it seems the SX-70 Sonar i ordered way back in july for my birthday is fixed and on its way ^_^
Its a long story but hopefully this will have a happy ending and i can finally get snapping and adding some pictures to my gallery!
Bring on monday!