2006-08-10 // 21:56:30

Argggg.. Ik have dropped my polaroid 600 (se type) and a piece of the polaroid back was broken. Does anybody know iff there are spareparts somewhere? Annybody??

Would be higly apreciated.


2006-05-07 // 23:11:49

Bummer.....I receaved the 40 packs of 669 film wich is 15 years expired. And almost all of them are dried out. After watching colourspace here images wich were expired for the same time. I couldn't wait to test them out. But with no result. 100 euro's and a dream shattered....OOOOH dramatic is my midle name. But stil it's realy demotivating. And the ten pack I have still left (probably dried out aswell) prefent me from buying any new. GR*&#$*&^.


2006-03-10 // 21:52:06

Ok, I have bought myself a polaroid 600 (as in the brother of 600se). I still have to get the film tomorrow so couldn't make a picture yet. I'm so curious! I'm not shure off how to measure the light. Iff I need a light measurer or something like it. I'm juste to the polaroid 100 and sx-70 that measures automaticly, Iff anyone has a expirience with it please let me know.


2006-03-08 // 23:34:23

Can someone tell me what are the results of a 669 film that is expired for over 15 years. Will it still show something or merely make my camera dirty??

Any expirience here?


2006-03-04 // 18:57:53

Aaah. I want a holgaroid and polaroid 6ooSE, but how hard it is to find them at a good price n the net. Cross your fingers for me. :)
I wish I was talanted/creative enough to win the competition here on polanoid. But I guess I would have to enter first ...:)

2006-02-09 // 12:21:54

I have receaved the rare batery fot the polaroid 100 camera.
Last weekend I have tested it with the black and white fuji film.
It turns out that I'm not realy into black and white polaroids.
I miss the nice sx 70 (crappy) feel.

I'll scan and upload soon.


2006-02-09 // 12:21:15

Finaly, after browsing this site a coule of weeks. I decided to contribute my moments of sheer joy en polaroid madness.
Until now with the great sx-70 and in a while i'll also be using my recently bought landcamera 100. (After I receave th batery).