2011-06-28 // 22:17:07

gosh, how embarassing! but INFINITY is still alive!

2010-07-15 // 17:22:04

Let INFINITY continue!

2010-04-17 // 20:43:00

hopplahopp, rio!

2010-02-22 // 11:09:34

Infinity is on itīs way to the next participant. Stay tuned, world.

2010-02-20 // 19:38:47

Finally..the next Infinity Polaroid..

2009-03-13 // 23:39:19

D -> F

(no mule. airmail.)

2009-03-07 // 03:14:25

the spanish postal mule passed the pyrenees, the alps, and finally crossed the rhine and arrived in germany after a month. credits to sir urizens handdrawn stamp ;-)
g. gave him water, hay and his bed first of all.
next recipients adress asked for, a g. upload soon.

2009-02-04 // 15:29:29

Infinity project is alive and loving back!

2008-10-12 // 18:06:33

Schlexi is not alone anymore and infinity continues it's perpetuum mobile, direction Spain this time.

Would the lovely Miqi be kind enough to send me his address? A happy Schlexi will be flown over stante pede.

(aka the terminator)

2008-09-15 // 17:21:00

Ok, so after i don't know how many months now, the INFINITY project has been keeped hostage by one of its members (if your reading this you know who you are). I, RRRDIAZ, the last person to have participated in the project, and everyone else ,for that matter , feel that 'INFINITY' MUST GO ON !!!
Since i have the last real link in the chain of polaroids i have decided to RELOAD THE MATRIX.