2010-03-24 // 17:47:41

I could not help nervously giggling while reading webmeister's (aka grumpy donkey) aforementioned statement :D

long live polanoid and the webbo!

2009-08-17 // 18:07:30

back on board

2009-06-10 // 13:29:15

is anybody experiencing a degradation of the quality of their Artistic TZ polaroids? both regarding changing of colors and appearing of weird darker stains on the photo.

2009-06-09 // 12:41:26

rumor for italian polanoiders: »link

2009-04-30 // 17:10:33

c' frumento? updates soon?

2009-03-19 // 17:45:07

i saw that back: cool!
actually i was waiting for something like that..
when they launched the (super-expensive) lubitel 166+, they spoke about interchangeable backs..
one day this diana will be in my army of cameras :)

2009-03-10 // 21:27:24

i am also CC now!
great that the WM has added! (lots of add-ons lately, uh?!)

and great spectra news also :)
^ good move, matze!

I had planned to implement (CC) since quite some time,
now I thought the copyright debate in the newsfeed was a good occasion to finally move my lazy popsch..

btw. I added a "default copyright/(cc)lizense" to the preferences now, so this is always preselected when you upload new pix


2009-03-04 // 21:45:42

how do I change my password here? thanks.

2009-02-28 // 21:49:21

i do not understand all these problems.

look at flickr, there you have millions of users, a good percentage of them are pro photographers, but still you can very easily download anything you want on your computer, even at very high res. a user may reserve all the copyrights for him/herself, but still nothing prevents nobody to download those contents (i know many of polanoiders are on flickr too).

so: either you stop uploading personal material on the web, or you cannot bother too much about people stealing it.

my personal solution/proposal (as somebody has already said): add some buttons where a polanoider says if he/she wants to keep all the copyrights or if he/she wants to upload polaroids under a creative commons license which, in my opinion, is the best way to publish anything (not professional) on the web.


2009-02-14 // 21:42:39

anyone expert on kiev cameras or selling one? (88 preferably) contact me on my guestbook!