2007-05-23 // 12:53:03

Just got back from Europe for a week, and my Argus Argoflex was waiting for me. I was getting worried it wouldn't come... from Polaroid Medium format to 120 film medium format....i'm getting very excited. Now my camera list includes:

*Kodak Easyshare C643 (for the quick simple shit, though i can do a lot manually too)

*Argus Argoflex E I'm pretty sure.

*Pentax K1000

*Polaroid Land Camera 100

*Polaroid Colorpack II

*Polaroid One600 Ultra

*Polaroid OneStep 600

I've used all of them except the Argus and Colorpack II (the colorpack i'm going to use today and the Argus I have to read up on some more before I do anything.) If anyone has a Argus and could tell me some things I'd greatly appreciate it!