2007-11-30 // 00:31:53

www.tetedelard.fr is the best shop in the world !
Check it out.

2007-04-24 // 21:17:04

Runner Up ! trop cool !
Je ne sais pas ce que cela veux dire, mais c'est cool ! o)
Alors, MERCI (je ne sais pas a qui) a tous ceux et toutes celles a qui je doit cet honneur (sans doute immense)

2006-07-23 // 10:31:52

My third SOTD ! Cool !
Thank you all !
I love you!
Yeepee !

2006-05-04 // 08:56:15

Cool ! I love to be Shot of the Day !
And i'm stil waiting for the postman to deliver my pola's food...

2006-04-22 // 12:52:45

Ok my order to unsaleable is placed...
So just have to wait now...
Pleasde Doc, make that fast !

2006-04-21 // 10:23:55

Ok, guys and girls ! I'M BACK !!!!

Now i just have to run to buy some food for my favorites polaroid camera..
They're so hungry !!!

2006-02-28 // 08:24:35

ohhhh guys... and girls...
I'm moving !
And that's a real hard work job...
So i'll be disconected from the internet during a month...
I miss you all...
And i miss my polaroids : they're packaged in a big box...
But i'll be back with the good day with whole new polaroid subject !
Kiss you all

2006-01-24 // 13:40:26

I'll be back soon !

2005-12-21 // 10:03:40

Sorry, sorry, sorry...
for my fans o),
my computer crashed...
All my piggy money is gone in buying a new one...
so i don't have polaroid film anymore...
crossfinger, i'll make the wish to update next year !
kisses to all...

2005-12-13 // 10:14:29

One week away and there's so many to whatch... You all are so productive, and creative, it makes me jalous , and sick.