2010-03-25 // 12:33:14


2008-05-27 // 14:09:11

I'll miss that photogenic ass in the cover of xposed...

Thank you if you voted, coquins

2007-11-26 // 14:37:10

Being a green scary zombie can be cool.

Thanks to everyone who voted, I think my boyfriend deserve this sotd because he shot this pic. Thank you poutou.

And a big thanks to polkadots for the expired evil film.

2007-09-18 // 20:59:13

Thank you for loving this picture as much as I enjoyed it.

I feel like kissing everybody all-over.

2007-09-17 // 21:49:39

I have to thank:

- him, for kissing me (everywhere)

- people who voted for my SotD

Linaki's happy :)

2007-09-15 // 15:39:16

my baby's got a new dress


thank you Polka... :)

2007-09-13 // 00:03:33

unsaleable is now sponsored on myspace...


^ yes
sad story
fucking greedy bastards