2012-07-25 // 00:28:06

Hi! I have to buy new films for my sx70, but all the customers in my city are stopping to sell Impossible Films because they are not satisfied of reliability of those...
does someone have some council for me?
Thanks ;)

2011-06-10 // 00:36:05

Hi! Compliment for last 20 SotD....Beautiful...you are beautiful!
Great works!

2010-12-22 // 12:29:02

have a great days to the end of the year!!!!

2010-12-09 // 00:46:13

Hi! New funnt uploads from funny parties ;-)
Have a nice day!

2010-10-21 // 09:37:00

My mac has gone! FUCK!!!
I will be out for some days. :-(
Good week end to all polanoiders.

2010-07-14 // 15:53:02

"Anyone wishing to cheer me up is advised to fawn over me sickeningly and make crude sexual innuendos. You know the kind of thing I like. (We have no secrets here anymore.)"...ehm... I think to have lost some elements about you :-P. Anyway.... Happy birthday dear Esther!!!

2010-04-12 // 12:24:39

Hi! My new site is ready.
Enjoy it!...if you want....:-D

2010-03-14 // 13:12:14

hi! some uploads from me.
And my new site...soon.....very soon....

2010-03-06 // 16:19:59

For Norah: I think is not possible but with Blue film I've engraved with good result....you have white sign on the blue of the image....very romantic ;-)

For all: new uploads...i think not bad...I'm modest ;-)

2010-02-24 // 11:53:25

Hi! Some new uploads from me....ok...not my best, but honestly done ;-)