2013-02-12 // 11:53:16

Hi there,
I was wondering whether anyone would be able to help me out. A few years ago I took part in an exhibition of polaroid photos in Dijon. I'd like to contact the the exhibition organizer, who is a polanoid member, paco_france. Does anyone have an up-to-date email address for him? The ones I have tried no longer work. Like me, I don't think he has been active on here for a while.

2008-01-22 // 11:36:42


Does any one want an SX-70 Model 3? It worked a year ago (when I last tried it), but it isn't in very good condition, cosmetically at least. I don't use it, so I thought someone might like it, for free? Leave me a message if you're interested...first come first served.


2007-07-03 // 23:18:25

Ame - the disclaimer is a good idea. Thanks!

2007-07-03 // 12:43:19

Thanks Ame! Do you think polanoid counts as publishing without consent? I just don't know if people would be too happy if they knew that they were on a website. The chances are that they'll never know, but... Ethical dilema!

Know what you mean about the long lens. Sometimes I see things that I know would be my greatest photo, ever, only it's quite hard to have the nerve just to raise the camera and release the shutter. Even from the hip...

2007-07-03 // 12:20:56


I was wondering, does anyone think it truely wrong (or right) to take pictures of people without them knowing? In the street, for example? I had a go at doing this yesterday, from the top deck of a bus. It was quite interesting, but felt a little sneaky at the same time. Your opinions, please, polanoiders?


2007-04-25 // 17:53:13

Hello everyone,
I made a lovely discovery this morning - I found an abandoned Polaroid 2000 camera in the back of my landlord's junk cupboard. I was wondering if someone could tell me whether it's possible to convert a 2000 camera so that it can take 600 type film...? I've tried googling it, but to no avail.