2008-10-07 // 00:23:51

Today was my first day of parisian. It was grey...I know it's autumn but...Soon I hope some pics of Paris!

2008-09-22 // 15:32:18

let's check my new pics from my manchester skateboard trip with the Antiz team!

2008-08-31 // 20:25:22

for french peoples.
Go see my pics and check the Jean Roucas son!

2008-07-16 // 23:10:37

I shot new pics these days... come on and check it!

2008-06-29 // 20:16:22

yeah! go check my first miniportrait experience! I ganna be addict for sure!

2008-02-24 // 01:01:53

hello dear polanoiders, come on check this link for a french polaroid exibition!

2008-01-21 // 21:24:47

Is anyboby to upload a new pic in the project!!! I haven't a magik ball and I wanna play again and again!!!
help me! I'm addict! I'm a manfinity addict for sure!

2008-01-18 // 18:20:12

CARLOS, a great french singer died
Rest in peace...

2007-12-20 // 12:57:15

hey, here is some of my first light painting experiences. To be continued...
have a look ;-)

2007-12-08 // 22:14:43

my 10 packs are really lighter than a week ago..I took a lot of pics but there is a little results...bad weather so bad motivation... just two new portraits... have a look and tell me what you want